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The word “peel” is a popular word indication a removal of a layer of layers of skin – rather like peeling an onion. The epidermis however is not like an onion at all. Viewed under a microscope, a section of the human epidermis can be seen as a series of hills and valleys – new cells and old cells always shifting, always changing. To view the epidermis as a torte-like layer that can be ‘peeled’ off is scientifically incorrect.



DANNE is the first skin treatment concept to understand the importance of offering the cells of the skin the chemistry they recognise – which enables living cells to stay alive as long as possible.  The DANNÉ system has three-enzyme formulas for the face and a separate one for the body. The enzymes in each of these sophisticated formula’s act as hormone-like messengers, stimulating optimal skin functioning by



In an environment that is becoming increasingly polluted with free radical promoting chemicals, sun radiation and fluorocarbons, the DANNE CONCEPT is unparalleled in providing protection with powerful, super antioxidants known as proanthacyanides, also trade named pycnogenols.   



The DANNE CONCEPT is based on professional treatments, but optimal results can only be achieved when combined with home maintenance.  Professional treatments are progressive and can be significantly enhanced or alternatively negated by the clients home skin care regimen between treatments.