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Actrol Powder:
Composed of vitamin C crystals, Actrol Powder controls the flow of excessive oil that sometimes accompanies acne skin. The powder can be used in conjunction with Danné cremes and serums and after makeup application. Applied periodically throughout the day, Actrol Powder absorbs oil without dehydrating the skin.

Acu Gel:
This miraculous gel hydrolyzes pimples and surface blemishes almost overnight. After two or three applications, skin impurities often disappear magically without coming to a head.

Alpha Fade Creme:


The perfect companion to Beta Gel Solution, Betagen Creme enhances the skin's immune system through the Langerhans cells. These cells keep the skin from becoming over-traumatized from stress and other skin insults that advance aging. Like Beta Gel Solution, it is an effective sunburn and windburn therapy

Biogen C:
This vitamin C and B formulation stimulates the tired, dull look of skin that shows age due to stress. Made of granules, which soften into the skin at body temperature, Biogen-C Creme is recommended for use after a Danné masque treatment. It is also an excellent pickup when in a hurry to look refreshed and youthful.

Body Sculpting Creme:
A contouring and tightening treatment, Body Sculpting Creme is a topical formula that penetrates skin tissues to combat the appearance of cellulite. By temporarily collapsing cells that are puffed with toxic debris, a smoother, tighter body skin results as a natural elasticity returns and lumps/ dimples tend to diminish. Added circulation from the creme promotes a healthier look and texture. Not for use by diabetics or pregnant women.

Contraderm Creme:
Recommended for chronic inflammatory rosacea and for PC skin conditions, this superb Contraderm Creme is one of the most advanced anti-inflammatory therapies on the market today. It also calms temporary redness which may result following professional Pro Alpha Peels and Alkaline Wash Treatments.

Creme Citrique:
A unique formulation, Creme Citrique maintains the pH balance of darker skin tones. Compounded with fermented orange peels, the crème’s gentle citric action brightens and tones the skin naturally while helping to lighten and even pigmentation. This product is specifically formulated for those with dark, oily, hyper pigmented skin. Acne prone persons should avoid using this product.

Fine Line Hydrating Creme:
Made from the entire apricot fruit and other fractured oils, Fine Line Hydrating Creme is formulated to lubricate the skin without a greasy film or blockage of the pores. It banishes the most stubborn so-called “dry” areas and can be used in conjunction with other Danné cremes on specific areas of dehydration.

Foamy Lift Enzime Mask:
Created to gently exfoliate the skin. Foamy Lift Enzyme Masque is formulated with natural enzymes, proteins, and ribonucleic acid (RNA) active ingredients. Water soluble, it tightens and tones the skin, helping alleviate dead skin cells and impurities by reverse osmosis. It is used in combination with Exoderma Peel to create a rejuvenated appearance. Foamy Lift Enzyme Masque and Exoderma Peel are ideal for teenage and adult acne, blackheads and pimples.

Acne Wash:
A deep cleansing, bacteria killing formulation, Acne Wash penetrates deeply into the skin to relieve the pressure and soreness of acne. Impacted acne pustules seem to disappear leaving the skin feeling refreshed.

Alpha Fade Gel:



Aminodine Spritz:
Referred to as “The Golden Water” by Danné Scandinavian clients, Aminodine Spritz is a remarkable anti-aging breakthrough. Used in conjunction with Danné Nite Firming Creme, this powerful blend of ingredients slows down the main cause of cross-linkage wrinkles, which lead to rapid, deep wrinkling. Use Herb & Mineral Mist in the morning and Aminodine at night for an unbelievable fresh bloom and firmness.

Beta Gel:
Formulated for those special areas that suffer the most from trauma - such as around the eyes - Beta Gel Solution is a vitamin B derivative which is powerpacked with vitamin C. A transdermal serum, this product increases the production of skin firming collagen. Applied directly after sunburn or windburn, Beta Gel Solution reduces swelling and redness almost immediately by allowing healthy skin cells to fight back and not record the damage. Only the freshest, imported beta glucan B-6 yeast cell wall extract is used for maximum product performance. Beta glucan yeast cell wall extracts simulate the Langerhans cells of the skin as shown in the research of psoriasis and dermatitis. The Langerhans cells are the immune defense of the skin and also regulate the passage of new, baby skin cells to the surface of the epidermis.

An effective skin detoxifier, Dermatox removes poisons and free radical causing pollutants from the epidermal layers of the skin. Although Dermatox is relatively odorless, strong odors may be present when Dermatox is applied to extremely toxic skin. Odor will disappear with rinsing.

Exoderma Peel:
A natural exfoliating formula from the sea that helps remove dead, dry skin cells, Exoderma Peel provides a quick pickup and skin tightening treatment. Safe for mature, sensitive skins, Exoderma Peel is twice as effective when used with Foamy Lift Enzyme Masque.

Herb & Mineral:
This is the formula that imitates the suderiferous sweat gland that supplies us with one half of our natural acid mantle. It is the binder for all Danné facial products. Herb & Mineral Mist is a unique mineral and vitamin formulation that, when absorbed into the skin, assists with tissue hydration and the deep penetration of Danné cremes and serums. This Mist can be sprayed over makeup to brighten and wake up tired skin resulting in a fresher appearance. Nothing else compares.

Herbal Pigment Oil:
This delicate herbal compound progressively fades hyperpigmentation. A rich blend of citric seed oils, it contains no waxes, bleaches or paraffins. Acne prone persons should avoid applying this product on areas where blemishes are present.

Trans Dermal Sunblock:
A double strength sun block that totally protects skin from damaging ultraviolet A and B rays, Transdermal Sun Block SPF 30 is formulated with a water resistant transdermal base that is never greasy. It can be used over all Danné products and effectively under makeup.

Direct Delivery Vitamin C Serum: