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What is Aging and Why We Age
In a functional capacity this essential means that at 60 you can’t do the things you could at 20.  You body is just not the same.  We all experience a decline in bodily structure and function.

A major problem in NEW ZEALAND is sun damage.  We are finally realising that years of lying in the sun can cause severe skin damage ranging from sun spots and wrinkles to premature aging.

Aging is a process that reflects cellular damage at the molecular level.  This damage results in a lower function of the cells and the body.

The 3 main contributors to skin ageing at the cellular level are: collagen degeneration, free radical damage and glycolysation.

How Danné Helps
Dr. King has developed the Age Busters anti-wrinkle system.  It will specifically combat the 3 main causes of skin aging.  Anti-oxidants and collagen enhancing properties help plump up the tissues of face and add “bounce” to the structure of the skin.

The Age Busters – HP and in salon muscle banding.  Treatments




What is Acne?
Acne is a genetic disorder of the sebaceous gland technically known as Retention Hyper Keratosis.

How Can Danné Help?
Acne is a devastating disease, affecting both adults and teenagers, 20% develop severe scars that may permanently affect their lives.  Dr. King has developed an incredible group of H.P.’s and professional treatments to help with acne and scarring.  Acne correctives are designed to meet your client’s individual needs.  Over 40 years of results around the world guarantees that Danne works.

BP Range
Acne Wash
Moisture Balance








Scars whether they’re caused by accidents or surgery are unpredictable.  The ways a scar develops depends as much on how the body heals as it does on the original injury.

The variables that affect the severity of scarring

  1. Size and depth of the wound
  2. Blood supply to the area
  3. Thickness and colour of the skin
  4. Direction of scar across the skin (across or with the grain of skin)

Scar tissue is still skin tissue.  Although it has become scar tissue because the injury has caused the desmosomes to release new cells to surface much faster than the client’s natural new cell proliferation.  Scar tissue, like normal skin, can be softened, partially removed a de-pigmented to a large degree.

What Danné Can Do?
– the incredible repolarising powers of pulsing electromagnetic waves can be programmed for very quick post surgery wound healing.  EMW appear to regulate normal cell proliferation, which is vital in keloid revision.

Alkaline Treatments – alkalising the skin (raising the skin to a pH of 12) correctly softens tissue via desquamation many times creating a mild irritation that forms a light scab.  When the scab falls off the scar appears flatter.