Free radicals from pollution, improper eating habits, cosmetics and over exposure to the sun are the main precursors of rapid aging. The Danné concept is unparalleled in providing protection from environmental factors with powerful, super antioxidants known as proanthacyanidines. A main key to the Danné cell protection system for nearly 30 years, these powerful protectors are complex organic plant compounds found in fruits, vegetables and certain tree barks. Proanthacyanidines from the absorbable vitamin C family, grape seed extracts, and other botanicals are important components of most Danné treatments and home prescriptives.

     One of the most important skin protectors is sunscreen. It must be used on a daily basis to guard against excessive sun exposure, which causes premature wrinkling. For the ultimate in protection, Danné Transdermal Sun Block SPF 30 can be worn over all products and under makeup.

     Excess Glucose (glycosyltation) turns into “stagnant sugar” and contributes to free radical infested lipofuchin, a main cause of deep, grooved wrinkles on the face and neck. Known as “cross linkage,” this process can be slowed down or stopped with the new Danné breakthrough in the form of an aminoguanidine spray. Combinations of Remove, Rebuild, Protect and Maintain treatments can eliminate these deep lines and wrinkles.