Natural moisture in young skin depends on two secretive glands, and not so-called “moisturizing creams.” These two glands are: (a) the sebaceous gland that supplies a highly fractionated oil to the surface of the skin and (b) the suderiferous gland that supplies a highly fractionated oil to the surface of the skin. These two secretions blend together and form our natural acid mantle, nature’s only real moisturizer. The Danné system imitates these secretions as the first step in rebuilding aging and dehydrated skin.


The firmness of skin depends on our ability to produce new collagen fibers on a regular basis. Collagen fibers viewed under a microscope look a little like long cables or ropes that branch freely throughout the cells of the skin, keeping it tight and firm in young skin. As we age, these cables fray, become brittle and drop. The skin sags. We have a little factory that makes fresh collagen located right in our skin tissues - it is called the fibroblast cells. Fibroblast cells can actually be “kick started” to make new collagen regardless of the age of the skin. But they need amino acids and direct delivery vitamin C to do this. The Danné method provides these components trandsdermally to the fibroblast cells and new collagen production is noted as the skin becomes firmer and tighter progressively with each treatment. There have been research cases where deep scars or holes in the skin were built up to a smoother level, from underneath the skin’s surface in less than a year of treatments. This can be accomplished anywhere on the body.

There are many lotions and creams that are starting to offer similar ingredients, but it is the special Danné direct delivery system in transdermal products that produce such startling, rejuvenative effects. Thirty-five years ago Danné researchers discovered the vital powers of vitamin C combinations along with Dr. Linus Pauling, a Nobel Prize winning advocate of vitamin C therapy. Danné Montague-King learned the secret of using calcium ions to keep the controversial “C” groups active and at highest potency in the Danné transdermal creams, serums and lotions. Our educators have been emphasizing vitamin C therapy for many decades. Our formulas have been imitated many times but never duplicated.


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