Ever since Sothys started specializing in extraordinary treatment concepts and products, it has done so in a simple, easy to understand fashion. We believe that even the most sophisticated high tech ingredients and delivery systems are not effective if the skin isn't properly cleansed and prepared. As a result, the following represents our treatment philosophy. Also, please keep in mind that professional facial treatments in the salon are vitally important but still don't hold a candle to the importance of proper home care. The simple fact is that no matter how great the treatment is in the salon even if on a weekly basis, the home care routine the client performs twice daily, 60 times a month, is even more important. An esthetician must ensure that the client is on the proper home care routine, not just for the sake of sales and income, but to support and solidify the effectiveness of the salon treatments. When a client uses this product and that product at home, on a hit and miss basis, the possible results are hindered. We urge our clients to follow our home care recommendations, whether purchased as a set immediately after the first treatment or over a month's period of time, the ultimate success of treatment is dependent on the continuity of product usage, return salon visits, and personal concern and interest on the part of the esthetician. The Sothys routine is simple,easy to begin within a reasonable budget and yet offers great room for growth and adaptation with client experience.

The line can simply be divided into three major categories: Basic Care, Specialized Care and Intensive Care. Our treatments include the basics, specific salon treatments normally not retailed, and then a group of highly sophisticated Institute Treatments that allow for unsurpassed skin appearance rejuvenating effects. Additionally, the home care products follow this simple concept. First we have one eye make-up remover, 4 cleansers and lotions (or toners) for the four basic skin types: normal combination, dry/dehydrated, sensitive, oily/acne. For further deep pore cleansing and exfoliation, we offer the world renowned Desquacreme and Gommage Peel along with a Morning Washable Cleanser. We then divide the line into 2 major groups of day/night cremes, masks, serums (ampoules for salon use): (1) Basic based on the four basic skin types along with a special range for redness; (2) then four more specialized groups for Hydration, Firming, Oxygenating and Aging Skin.

We then offer the ultra important group of Intensive Care products which coincide with our exclusive Institute Treatments as well as other specific issues.

To finish out the complete line, Sothys offers a full range of sun care, body care, bust care, and make-up products. The make-up line offers the best of French great skin care including a treatment ingredients, protectants, hydrators, and beautiful Parisian color stories.

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