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Regular Care
Targeted Treatment
Restructure ...Unveil

Professional treatment
A complete eye contour answer: using Phytobiotech, an up-to-the minute technology combining science and nature. A treatment to soothe puffy eyelids and smooth the outline of the eye, to leave you feeling relaxed and fresh.

Professional skin peeling
With glycolic acid. A complete two-stage treatment programme to brighten your skin quickly and then extra treatment for blemishes. Your skin becomes transparent, uniform and radiant again.

Professional Treatment
Flash Beaute,
Anti-stress care and radiant skin with vitamin C in 45 minutes.

Hydroptimale® Institute Treatment
High performance moisturizing* biotechnological active ingredients for spectacular results : an increase of rehydration* of 183%*. Your skin is soothed and becomes more supple while you allow yourself to be pampered by our exclusive process - Digi-esthetique®... which bathes you in coolness ! *Hydration of the superficial layers of the epidermis. Tested on a sample of 30 people after 4 treatments over a period of 1 month.

Oxyliance Institute Treatment Programme
Who said you must suffer to be beautiful?
A double relaxing treatment : a radiant flash effect from the first treatment / an action on the skin’s general condition after a course of 3 treatments.

Oxyliance serum
Thanks to this deliciously refreshing water-green fluid texture, the skin regains radiance and vitality, the complexion is clear and uniform. To be used as a course of treatments, in the morning and evening.

Lift Defense® 2 Dermo Reconstruction Institute Treatment
This unique and deeply relaxing 5-phase facial treatment not only corrects the structural causes of aging, but also relaxes the expression lines caused by repetitive contractions of the facial muscles. Wrinkles are filled, lines diminished, firmness and density of the skin is increased, and the facial contour is remodeled – completely reconstructing the skin’s structure.



AROMA-SOTHYS Institute Treatment
A new complete care program, centred on the pleasure of senses and defined by two themes: energizing and relaxing Aroma-Sothys. To counter periods of stress, tired nerves or simply to take a moments pause?

A real moment of well-being.

Detoxifying Preparing Treatment
First stage of a specially targeted treatment, a long exfoliating/cleansing treatment for skin that is soft, fine and supple.

Freshness Treatment for Tired Legs
A completely original treatment with spectacular cryogenic action for instant and lasting relief.

Slimness Treatment
Removes the "orange peel" look Exfoliation, then a heated wrap and sophisticated massage for a smoothing, slimming effect.

Firmness Treatment for the bust
A perfect décolleté thanks to a gentle exfoliation, massage with essential oils followed by a peel-off firming wrap.

Firmness/slimness Body Treatment
Tones and firms with overall exfoliation, a double wrap followed by extra-personalized massage.

Remineralising Relaxing Treatment
A session to get you back into shape and where you can relax deeply ... a real antidote to stress.



Professional treatment
Contrat Soleil
A triple action preparation treatment: Exfoliation, moisturizing/smoothing, and a sun activator for a brilliant tan as soon as you start sunbathing.

Detoxifying-Destressing Treatment

Supplementing the Sothys Homme product collection is the Sothys Homme Destressing-Detoxifying Institute Treatment, 50 minutes of pure bliss and relaxation that no man can resist. The treatment utilizes Sothys' trademark, multi-phase Digi-Esthetique method of pressure-point modeling massage on the face, neck, upper back and scalp. A special blend of black pepper and oliban essential oils is incorporated into the pre-relaxation step for a true sensorial experience that leaves the soul relaxed and the skin cleansed, detoxified and soothed. The pre-relaxation massage is followed by a special gommage cleansing with extraction stage, finished off with additional massage complemented by an energizing mask treatment with Vitamin C.

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