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    Nearly all signs of aging are seen as wrinkles, coarse, sagging skin and uneven skin tones. Yet the skin on the breast or buttock areas of most 65-year-old males or females is relatively wrinkle-free and even in skin tone. These areas are protected from photo damage, other free radicals and damage from products not in sync with the skin’s chemistry. The face, back of the hands, neck and decollate are exposed to all of these invaders. The dead skin cells in these areas build up as a “defensive armor” year after year.

     This dead and dying layer is still very much attached to the underlying younger cells and is called “the hornified cuticle.” This excess cuticle can also lead to acne due to blockage of the secretive glands of the skin and eczema-like rashes due to the harboring of virus and fungus in the dead cell build up. To remove this build-up, Danné practitioners may perform a unique series of enzymic treatments. Enzymes, known as nature’s biological catalysts, perform many functions. They are capable of consuming billions of times their own weight in dead cell protein. Using reverse osmosis, some enzyme groups will go down into the skin tissues and clean out debris and gases surrounding new cells. Other groups passively exercise facial muscles and open up the vascular systems, which bring new oxygen from within the body. Skin functions with anaerobic metabolism and does not “breath” oxygen from outside the skin - a popular misconception in the skin care industry. Danné enzyme treatments tighten, tone and firm the skin.  

     Other skin cell removal results can be achieved by simply changing the pH of the skin to very acid (3.2 on the pH scale) to extremely alkaline (12 on the pH scale). Acid hardens dead cells which then become like little, brittle tiles and literally ‘pop’ off the skin surface. Alkaline compounds soften dead cells so quickly that they disappear from view in about four minutes. This action has to be carefully monitored by the professional to avoid alkaline irritation. This type of procedure also removes excessive hair from females and folliculitis (razor bumps) from males.

     For those wishing more aggressive therapy in a short time span, dramatic “old skin” removal is accomplished by the Danné Pro Alpha Series. Danné is one of the few concepts in the world that treats alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s) with respect and does not advise that AHA’s be used for home treatment. This is due to the hydroscopic nature of AHA’s, which tend to dehydrate the skin with prolonged use. This could also lead to “acid hardened” skin, which can sometimes form cyst-like, hard nodules under the surface.

     The Pro Alpha treatment is not a “quick fix” but a system of carefully blended plant and fruit sugar acids supplied professionally using an exclusive technique developed by the Danné Montague-King Research Foundation in Johannesburg South Africa in the late 1980’s. Pre-treatment using enzymes are part of the Pro Alpha protocol plus follow up treatments for continued results. One to six Pro Alpha treatments are medically considered to have a similar effect to laser of deep, medical peels, without the risk of trauma, long convalescence or possible contraindications associated with these procedures. There is no loss of skin color or sharp lines of demarcation on the skin with the Pro Alpha Series. It is applicable for all skin colors internationally.  

     All Danné treatments must be accompanied with religious use of the Danné Home Prescriptives. Using other products after a Danné Skin Revision treatment often aborts and negates the effects of the treatment. Danné Home Prescriptives are modified versions of the treatments and must be used for progressive results. This is a matter of chemistry - not marketing. See Maintenance Treatments and then click on Products.